Litter A

And how did it all start?

Connection Annie Eimy Canis Regnum / Maxipes Fig Hairy Luck.
It is 2017 and our EIMY started to play on 13.11. On Thursday 23.11. it was day 11, and we went for a blood test for progesterone and the result was low 2,9 . Unfortunately in Moravia we don't test progesterone on weekends, so we waited for Monday 27.11. it was day 15 and the result was 19,6 which was already high progesterone. We decided to take a chance and went to cover. We arrived in the afternoon and Mrs. Marik was waiting for us. 


EIMY and MAXIK were friends right away, first they played and still nothing, we thought it would be impossible and then suddenly it was, they were connected for 20 minutes. We were thrilled that it worked - we'd never seen it before. It was so peaceful and enjoyable for everyon

We went home and it was a time of waiting to see if it worked. On 12/22 it was day 25 after mating we went for an ultrasound, and there it was confirmed that EIMY was pregnant. The due date for the birth is at the end of January.

Here it comes!
On Friday 26.1. our EIMY gave birth to 7 boys and 2 girls. The babies are ready for the world.

Babies-1.week, after two weeks she was dewormed for the first time
The babies are 3 weeks old and they are all spoken for
The babies are 4 weeks old and have been dewormed for the second time