Litter B


It was January 2020 and our EIMY started to play, so we decided to have another litter. Our breeding consultant recommended us breeding male RICCI DREAM MAX and we agreed with MAXE owner.

In February we went to breed, but unfortunately the pregnancy was not confirmed, so we waited for the next breeding.

19.10.2020 EIMY started to play. We went for progesterone on 30.10. We found a vet in Kroměříž who did the result in 10 minutes. The result was 11,8. So on Saturday 31.10. we went for mating. It was the 13th day of breeding and 2.11. for overlapping. Waiting was imminent.

On 26.11. we went for an ultrasound, and the pregnancy was confirmed. The due date is around New Year's Eve. So we're looking forward to it. . .

Here it is!!!
On Saturday 2.1. 2021 our very expected babies were born. Unfortunately, it was not possible by natural means and we had to choose a cesarean birth.
Everything went well and we had 6 big babies, 5 girls and 1 boy. All of them are doing well. Mummy is also doing well. She has plenty of milk, so the babies are gaining weight.
All puppies are already reserved. One girl stays at our home as a member of our family.

Our babies leave home between the 7th and 8th week. They will be properly vaccinated, dewormed and vaccinated. The baby will receive a bed, 2 kg of Fitmin Purity - Superpremium kibble and a toy. Part of the sale is a purchase contract, pedigree and international vaccination certificate.

EIMY with babies after returning from clinic
Baby 1 week



                             BEKA EBY

    On 15.1. the babies were dewormed for the first time and their eyes are opening


     On 30.1 the babies were dewormed for the second time

    On 13.2. the babies were dewormed for the third time                          

    On 18.2. we went for vaccination and chipping and everything went well


                               BELA EIMY


                             BABETTE BIBI

                                                                    The babies are eight weeks old and going to their new homes